About us

Van der Bend Medical Supplies is a well-established medical & healthcare company in the Netherlands with a broad range of products, which find their origin within the field of Dermatology. Our primary focus is on products for the use of contact allergic research.

More than 40 years of experience and close cooperation with specialists enables us to offer a unique and solution based product range related to the skin for both healthcare professionals and patients.

In the early eighties Van der Bend was the first company that exclusively developed and manufactured patch test chambers (for contact allergic research) with a square shape which has substantial diagnostic benefits. Our product has been used widely by universities, hospitals, laboratories and leading dermatologists ever since. With its advanced features, Van der Bend Patch Test Chambers combine all the benefits of the current chamber techniques.


In order to provide services of high quality, Van der Bend is working with a quality management system that is based on the criteria of ISO 13485. This system promotes the professionalism of our company and ensures that we consistently provide our clients with products and service that fills the requirements. Whether it comes to delivery to healthcare professionals or consumers; reliability, professionalism, high quality demands and distinctive service-friendliness, are key elements to our organization.


Our mission is clear: to provide and expand practical solutions for the dermatological practice and its patients. Van der Bend provides medical devices for healthcare professionals. As for patients, we have a solution-oriented product range. Our challenge is to enhance our current services and influence future growth and development.


The healthcare sector is evolving and developing rapidly. This requires additional expertise in healthcare. In a changing market, we have an important role to play and feel the responsibility to offer our customers a reliable partner with a personal approach and excellent service. Since we have consciously chosen for a small and simplified organizational structure, we can accomplish this like no other.

We are passionate about what we do and therefore the relationships we establish are based on the principles and values we spontaneously conform in every step we take. This is the foundation from which we think, act, make decisions and look to the future!


Our friendly and helpful team is always ready to advise and assist you!